Your Solution for Vehicle Wrapping

Paulisch Autofilms Wrap-Car Picture


      Color Variety
Chose from hundreds of plain and metallic colors the one that suits you.


Give your vehicle your style. Either a classic, glossy, a modern, matte or an unusuall  finish(e.g.: leather, peach fuzz, etc.).


Although it is not an effective protection against heavy impact (see our Paint Protection Film) a wrapped vehicle is protected from everyday influences like tree sap, nail scratches, shoe scuffs etc.
As long as the wrapping film is not penetrated the paint stays the same way it was at the time of wrapping.


All wraps can be removed again 100% without affecting the vehicle or its paint. This can be done with moderate effort in a relatively short amount of time (depending on the film used and the time it has been mounted).


The right film for your wrap...



Depending on the film used and the care given the functional life of the wrap ranges between 3-5 Years.
After this the quality of the film starts to deteriorate. That doesn't mean that the film falls off, rather the color and finish may change and it will become increasingly difficult to remove the film again.

Information on film durability...


    On -site application
We are happy to come to you in the general KMC area (Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, Landstuhl, Baumholder, etc.) as well as Bad Kreuznach, Idar-Oberstein, Trier and the Saarland.

Find out more about the requirements for on-site application... (coming soon)